The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy!

"One of my goals in writing this series is to encourage reading in young kids, including reluctant readers.  TV, video games and handheld devices are like a black hole for free time, and I think kids are missing out on an important developmental experience by avoiding or limiting the reading of books.  I hope you enjoy reading the series as much as I enjoy writing it!"

About the Author:

Steven London

A boring lawyer by day, children's book author by night, Steven London is thrilled to be bringing the world of Cabbage Boy to young readers around the world.  Drawing on his childhood, his love of comic books, his experience as a summer camp director and being a father of three, Steven has written a fun and engaging chapter book series that is easily enjoyed by kids of all ages.  

Steven began to work with vegetable-inspired superheroes in the late 1980s by writing and illustrating "The Adventures of Lettuce Man" for his high school newspaper.  Steven considered Lettuce Man a huge success - if success is measured by sales of a 25 cent high school newspaper.  

Fast-forward to 2008 where Steven was struck by an unnamed child's fart - and the idea for Cabbage Boy hit him in the head (the nose, specifically).  Originally written as a fun book for his kids, Steven was later egged on by friends and family to expose Cabbage Boy and his inconceivable adventures to the world.  

After connecting with Scott Reed, a highly accomplished illustrator who had the ability to bring Steven's vision to the page, Book #1 ("In the Beginning") was published.  Book #2 ("The Battle for Prico Hill") soon followed and Steven is busy writing Book #3 ("Rise of the Cabbage Roller").

Steven lives with his wife and his three awesome kids.  When not working, writing, playing, fixing things, competing in triathlons and hanging around, Steven also enjoys making muppets with his kids.