The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy

The Children's Book Review: 
​"It’s an exciting chapter book with an attention-grabbing plot that will stick with the reader long after the book is done.... Author Steven London is a collector of comics and it shows in his ability to put a “fresh” spin on the typical superhero plot while maintaining the zippy-but-dimensional feeling comic enthusiasts are accustomed to. The Inconceivable Adventures of Cabbage Boy: In the Beginning is host to a bunch of unexpected characters. Although the hero and villain feel familiar they are not the typical characters that readers might be used to. Delivered in the form of character friendships, London weaves in an important lesson in courage and empowerment: stand up and do what you think is right. It’s a short story and is written in an easy-to-read style with brief chapters that make it a good crossover from comics and graphic novels—reluctant readers (and fans of Captain Underpants) should breeze through the pages with no trouble at all and they will enjoy the full-page illustrations scattered throughout.

This is a well-told yarn that is sure to appeal to those who enjoy bathroom humor and superhero tales."

5 Stars!, By Faith, Age 10
"This is a great book because it’s funny and adventurous. It’s perfect for kids who like puke, farts, and stinky diaper bombs. I rate this book 5 stars!"

5 Stars!  May the Farts be With You, By Spudman, From:
"Sometimes you do what you have to do whether it's feeding him candied carrots and broccoli and cheese, or handing him a book about a nine-year-old farting super hero. I've taught this target age group for many years and know they like the impossible, the gross, and the just plain silly. Attacking cabbage rolls, a preposterous villain who controls them, and a boy who discovers gradually his fartsome powers should entice the most reluctant of readers.
I like that this is the first of a series, another motivator for the reader once he or she is hooked. The author includes a strong female character in his story to widen the audience so the book is not just for boys.
Parents might like to know that though the topic is not their cup of tea, "Cabbage Boy" is not verbal pablum. Words like: succinct, opportune, subside, camouflage, flatulence, shrapnel, and pulverize offer a challenge and an opportunity to hone those word attack skills."

5 Stars!  An Awesome Book!!, By Jalynn Patterson, From:
"The life of a 9 year old boy is anything but boring, just ask Ralph Spitzle. Ralph was incredibly excited and looking forward to his long awaited summer vacation. He was that is until some unexplainable things start to take place that cause him to question that previous notion. Ralph soon realizes that the atmospheric event that has just taken place has caused more than just a slight disruption, it has created powers---super powers.
Poor Ralph, you would think would be excited to know that he would have such power but Ralph soon realizes that it isn't all its cracked up to be. Join Ralph in Book One of the Cabbage Boy series as he tries to redeem his town to its former glory.
This book is perfect for your readers that are starting to read chapter books. This is the first in the series and it is a rather short read, this alone was enough to get my boys motivated to read it. It was a great book and we really enjoyed it."

5 Stars!  Great Read for Clever Kids!
By Jessica Mattia, From:
"My son received this book as a 10th birthday present, and absolutely loved it! Several times we caught him giggling behind his book, and in record time he'd said, "Done! What's next?". The humour is witty, not dumb or cruel like a lot of other books in this age category. Good work Mr. London... What's next?"